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Muhammad: All That Matters

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781444154627

Price: £8.99

ON SALE: 25th May 2012

Genre: Humanities / Religion & Beliefs

In this book:

‘A pioneering writer on Islam’ – Guardian

Who was the real Muhammad? Muhammad: All That Matters, by bestselling expert on Islam Ziauddin Sardar, seeks to look beyond Muhammad the prophet, to find Muhammad the man. By returning to the original sources, and incorporating new research on pre-Islamic Mecca, Sardar is able to focus on Muhammad’s character, his values, and on events in his life which up until now have largely been

The Muhammad you will meet in this book is an individual motivated by a sense of justice and equality,and by a passion to help the marginalized. This is a Muhammad who is engaged in a struggle to establish the good society against all odds.

This accessible and concise book will appeal to both students and general readers, of any religious persuasion or none. It is a fascinating introduction to Muhammad, rediscovering the unique attributes which have contributed to his monumental impact on history.

The All That Matters series:

All That Matters

All books in the All That Matters series are written by world experts in their subject field. These experts work to distil a topic and get right to its heart, making the book accessible for both students and general readers. Each compelling book contains new and interesting perspectives and tells stories that matter.

The Author:

Ziauddin Sardar is Professor of Law and Society, Middlesex University and co-editor of quarterly Critical Muslim. He has been described as a ‘critical polymath’, and was recently selected in the Observer’s list of Britain’s top public intellectuals. He is perhaps best known for his wide-ranging work on Islam, including the international bestseller Introducing Islam. Ziauddin is also Chair of the Muslim Institute, London, and appears regularly on radio, television and in the New Statesman, Guardian and

Keep up with Ziauddin Sardar on his website: http://www.ziauddinsardar.com .

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As a spiritual seeker, Ziaddin Sardar is funny, self-deprecating and humble and is one of the wittiest intellectual figures commenting on Islam.
Islamic Voice
Ziauddin Sardar is justly renowned for his forensic intelligence and capacious insight into myriad issues. He is the leading public intellectual among British Muslims.
Professor Bruce Lawrence, Duke University
Ziauddin Sardar is arguable one of the best-known Muslim public intellectuals in the world today. He is an iconoclast, often a gadfly and undoubtedly one of the few Muslim intellectuals who span the proverbial Two Cultures.
Muslim News
It is an excellent read that offers much needed insight into the real and truly documented character of an incredible person who changed the course of the world's history. Nahla Ink Stars: 4 out of 5!
Nahla Ink
Sardar describes well the complex factional politics in Mecca and Medina, and emphasises the brevity (and historical normality) of Muhammad's militray escapades, as well as his love of dates and perfume.
The Guardian