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How to Quit Alcohol in 50 Days

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781529357608

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ON SALE: 24th December 2020

Genre: Health & Personal Development

The sober life is so superior to the drinking life that there is no contest. But most drinkers have been drinking for many years, or even decades, and find [it] hard to change. The sober coach takes the hand of the reader and shows them the beautiful truth: that alcohol is a pathetic and unpleasant little drug.” – William Porter, author of ‘Alcohol Explained’

“From designing your own sober toolbox to changing your mindset, Simon shows you the path to set yourself up for success.” – Judy C.

A powerful book. Simon tells it like it is but combines it with a level of care and skill I have not seen in other quit alcohol books” – Neil M.


If so – here’s some good news. You can quit drinking, and it’s not as difficult as you think.

Simon Chapple is a Certified Alcohol Coach who has helped thousands of people change the way that alcohol features in their lives. In How to Quit Drinking in 50 Days he’ll give you a structured way to find complete freedom from alcohol – for now, or forever.

This 50-day journey to freedom is split into two parts. Days 1-25 will ask you to take an honest look at the impact alcohol has had on your life, to examine the reasons for your drinking, and will arm you with the best strategy for quitting alcohol successfully. Days 26-50 will ask you to make the commitment to taking a break from alcohol – taking each step with one chapter a day, and answering the questions that come up.

There are strategies for dealing with challenges and setbacks, and a wealth of resources for finding support and inspiration. Above all, there is a genuine passion for the sober adventure, and the huge rewards of an alcohol-free life – a life of freedom that’s waiting for you.

Download the accompanying workbook from the John Murray Learning Library website, or the free John Murray Learning app.

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Simon's passion for an alcohol-free life is contagious; a gift to a world that is drowning in messages that promise that alcohol is what they need to hold everything together when really it is the very thing that may be tearing their lives apart. How to Quit Alcohol in 50 Days is part inspirational manifesto and part practical tips and tools - an effective and useful guide for anyone who is curious about the benefits of an alcohol-free life.
Annie Grace, author of 'This Naked Mind'
The old way of quitting drinking was to grit your teeth and just do it. It's hard work and many people fail. Think of being lost in a strange and unpleasant land, a land that you don't like, but you're afraid to leave. What you really need is a guide, someone who has been exactly where you are now, someone who can take you by the hand and lead you somewhere far, far better. This is where Simon truly comes into his own. You've found your guide; all you need to do now is hold tight and enjoy the ride!
William Porter, author of 'Alcohol Explained'
This book will lift you up and inspire
Cassie Jewell, M.Ed., LPC, LSATP, on 'The Sober Survival Guide'
I love this book. Anyone serious about giving up drinking should get this... Not only is it inspiring and practical, but it gives real focus to the sobriety journey, meaning anyone could succeed with this tool.
Alex Walker, Co-Founder, Bee Sober and The Sober Experiment
Simon is a fabulous example of someone who has completely transformed their life through giving up alcohol. With this book, he holds your hand through the process of doing the same, showing you that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Clare Pooley, author of 'The Sober Diaries'
What a fantastic resource for anyone who is taking a break from alcohol or who is looking to lead an alcohol-free life. Packed with brilliant ideas, first-hand experience and handy tips. A must quit-lit read!
Mandy Manners, Sobriety Coach and author of 'Love Yourself Sober'
No-nonsense, wise and practical... this brilliant 360º guide will help you to boot the booze for good!
Kate Baily, Sobriety Coach, author, and co-founder of lovesober.com