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365 Ways to Have a Good Day

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781529382242

Price: £12.99

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“An inspiring, heart-warming, go-getting book… an antidote to apathy.” Helen Tupper, co-author of The Squiggly Career

365 WAYS TO HAVE A GOOD DAY is a full year’s worth of daily inspiration, tools, habits, actions, and rituals that will help you live your best life. You’ll discover surprising insights from psychologists, business leaders, entrepreneurs and designers. You’ll explore the benefits of Feierabends and Laughies, have your eyes opened by a dance psychologist, and find out why one senior executive’s tattooed fingers help him make the right career choices. You’ll learn habit-forming strategies, pick up helpful hacks, and uncover tips for lasting change – all brought to life through real examples and thought-provoking stories that will get you looking at life differently.

You’ll meet a cast of characters from around the world who know all about creating success, from the founder of a billion-dollar mindfulness company in California to the Hollywood screenwriter who takes up to eight showers a day to fuel his ideas, and from the Harvard Business School professor who discovered more joy at work by wearing red trainers to the man who every Friday for five years set up a table in central NYC to give advice to strangers, including a gang member on the run.

365 WAYS TO HAVE A GOOD DAY focuses on the small stuff you can do every day to make life better. Because when you get the little things right, the big things follow. Things like figuring out where you’re going, hitting reset, designing the life you want, breaking through limiting beliefs, and creating success on your own terms. And when you find what works for you, you can do more of it, making you more productive, more fulfilled, and much happier.



"Ian is someone who has understood what success means to him and he continues to pursue it in a way that's really full of motivation and energy."
Sarah Ellis, co-author of the bestselling book The Squiggly Career and presenter of the Squiggly Careers podcast
"An inspiring, heart-warming, go-getting book. 365 Ways to Have a Good Day is an antidote to apathy and the kickstart we all need to live our best life."
Helen Tupper, co-author of The Squiggly Career
"Brilliant and delicious chips for the soul. Eat just one a day? No way. I can't stop. Great tiny tales, tips, and thoughts."
Derek Sivers, author, How to Live
"Equal parts funny and touching and yet in all ways wise, 365 Ways to Have a Good Day is more than a path to having better days; it's a simple, compelling structure to support the daily art and practice of living a better life."
Jerry Colonna, author, Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up.
"This book is a user manual for the next 24 hours. And the rest of your life. Our lives are decided by our daily practice. The problem is that most daily practices are done once a week, once a month, and for some, only once a year. Hmmm. But if you stop trying to change your life and lower the bar a little, and focus only on today. That's right, just the next 24 hours. And repeat that. Gradually, then suddenly, you will be living your best life. Because days change weeks. Months change years. Years change decades. Decades change lives."
David Hieatt, cofounder, The Do Lectures
"It is always a good day when you get to tap into Ian's wisdom and with 365 Ways To Have A Good Day you get a dose of Ian's reflective optimism, daily. 365 Ways is your guide to reclaiming how you choose to approach each and every day. It's a daily invitation to look at what's before you from a novel or different angle. Ian's advice will both challenge AND energize your usual routine - which is a rather perfect way to proceed to have a good day if you ask me!"
J. Kelly Hoey, author, Build Your Dream Network
"Innovative thinker and life designer Ian Sanders expands our minds again in his new book 365 Ways to Have a Good Day! We'd all like to find the magical gateway to everyday happiness, the truth is, life ebbs and flows. Ian gives us a tactical roadmap to hack our brains so that we can experience a state of joy more often than not, even on the bad days."
Espree Devora, tech founder and podcaster
"A simple series of bite sized advice on creativity."
Steve Clayton, VP, Global Public Affairs, Microsoft