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Poppy is the epitome of cool, wondering as she varnishes her toenails, if she should have a little dolphin tattooed on her ankle. Besides being long, books are not quite so cool – what she really needs are her friend’s notes. Downloading songs on to her iPod and reading Hello! instead of doing her A-level revision, Poppy fobs off her despairing parents by telling them that Google’s ace for research on As You Like It. Whatever: she’ll get an A.

Social Stereotypes has itself just become a teenager and in this new collection Victoria Mather and Sue Macartney-Snape return pin-sharp in their aim to immortalize the characters de nos jours. From Krystal and Craig practising the samba at the Palais de Glide and dreaming of being on the telly, to the Compost Enthusiasts Constance and Caroline, by way of Hedge Funder Giles – with a house within the congestion zone, a Euro-wife with collagen implants, a 4 x 4 for the Croatian nanny and a Riva – every aspect of contemporary life is covered. It’s impossible to resist being drawn in by the sparklingly mischievous prose and hilariously accurate illustrations of these stereotypes from the Telegraph Magazine. You will join the ever-increasing number of fans already officially classed as the Totally Hooked.


'The sharpest social observation since Hogarth . . . Totally wicked from cover to cover'
Nicholas Coleridge
'With their wicked wit plus a deadly accurate aim, Victoria Mather and Sue Macartney-Snape score a direct hit every time'
Carol Thatcher
With consummate skill the authors have once again skewered our national smugness
Nicky Haslam
Opening a volume by Victoria Mather and Sue Macartney-Snape always fills me with delicious apprehension. I know that, in no time, I will be chuckling away at the absurdities of someone who is awfully like me
Julian Fellowes
A dazzling combination
Jilly Cooper
'For as long as I can remember, Social Stereotypes has been essential reading on a Saturday morning'
General Sir Mike Jackson
'Always amusingly accurate ... a piquant array of character sketches'
The Oldie
'Another splendid romp through a gloriously eccentric gallery of characters'
Good Book Guide