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Confidence 2.0

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781473674585

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Self Belief is vitally important, but when we are overconfident we miss important signals, misjudge situations and leave ourselves open to criticism from others. This profound book shows through simple practical advice and cutting edge research how to be confident without falling into the trap of arrogance.

Often the only thing separating successful people from the crowd is the beliefs that they have running around inside their heads and their innate self-confidence. But this book isn’t about promoting unrealistic positive thinking – it’s a book that helps you understand the complex psychology of our beliefs, our assumptions, opinions, values, attitudes, judgements, biases and delusions.

Some of us overestimate ourselves and are overconfident or even unwittingly arrogant and unable to see our flaws. Others amongst us underestimate ourselves and are unaware of our full potential. The reality is the most of us overestimate ourselves in some respects and underestimate ourselves in others.

This audiobook will open your eyes, doing away with unhelpful beliefs and instilling new, more helpful beliefs about yourself and the world. Follow the practical advice within the book and you will make better decisions and be able to take action in order to fulfil your true potential.

Listeners of this audiobook will:
– understand why beliefs and the many thoughts we have in our heads are often the only thing that distinguish successful, confident, happy people from the crowd
– learn the differences between the helpful and unhelpful beliefs running around in your head. How are some of your assumptions, values and opinions holding you back?
– learn how you can change many of the beliefs you have to make them more useful to you – in both your personal and professional life, whether you’re looking for a promotion or looking for love
– Learn about how your natural tendencies and preferences might hinder or help your chances in life – and what you can do to choose the best path for you and you alone
– Recognizing the differences between your thoughts and reality, you will make better decisions and be able to map out a plan of action to help you fulfil your true potential.

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