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The Girl De-Construction Project

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781473686403

Price: £10.99

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If Jesus is good news for women in every culture and every time, what does that good news look like for women today?

This book is an attempt to speak to and about women with kindness, truth and sass. It’s for Christian women of all ages, confident or questioning gender norms, who want to experience their femininity as a powerful identity that they can define and re-define as they grow as disciples.

The Girl Deconstruction Project is part sledgehammer, part manifesto, and filled with personal stories, biblical insights and wisdom for living full, free and fierce.


This book is an absolute gift. It's no lightweight, superficial, heard-it-all-before take on womanhood but a powerful, deep, and compelling book that still manages to feel like a fun and life-giving conversation with an honest friend. I laughed, I cried, I furiously underlined, and found it a wrench to close its pages. I want every woman I know to read it, to drink in the fresh, biblical wisdom that Rachel has to share, to let go of the crippling misconceptions and to discover the joyful, hopeful truth of what it really means to be a woman.
Ali Martin, Soul Survivor
This powerful (in a goose bump kind of way), honest and practical book is a vital contribution as we navigate the Jesus journey into Womanhood.
Anne Calver, New Wine & Spring Harvest
If I could prescribe this book to every Christian woman, I would do it. Rachel's warmth and wisdom shine from every page, and her deep well of experience combined with thought-provoking stories and helpful reflection tools left me feeling challenged, inspired and shouting "Amen!"at regular intervals! This book brilliantly and honestly articulates so much of what needs to be said about being a Christ-centred woman today. You can expect to have your mind renewed, your heart reconstructed and your passion re-ignited for cheering others on towards God's great purposes. Buy it and get extra copies for your friends.
Cathy Madavan, speaker, writer, coach and author of Digging for Diamonds and Living On Purpose
This book reads like a tender love letter, a powerful affirmation and a searing manifesto all at once to women everywhere! Rachel helps us learn to deconstruct and dispose of the beliefs that have minimized, oppressed and captured us. Then she invites us to discover again the women that God created us to be in all our wild, unique, diverse wonder - and live courageously in the freedom that only Jesus can bring.
Jo Saxton, speaker, author of The Dream of You, and host of Lead Stories Podcast
This book is simply stunning, quite frankly I couldn't put it down. I laughed and I cried as I read and explored the areas of life which we grapple with as young women, on a daily basis. Rachel does an exceptional job of delving into the areas of body, mind, soul and strength with truth and honesty throughout. This book tackles what the world screams to a generation of young women but Rachel continually reminds us over and over again how God's magnificent voice is always louder, should we choose to listen. Woven through this book are relatable stories, both biblical and personal, and it's a beautiful reminder that we are not alone on this adventure we call womanhood. I needed this book, and I am so grateful for it. I can't wait to see how this book helps you shape the way you think and feel about yourself, as it has done for me. I will be shouting about this book for years to come! What are you waiting for? Go and get it now!
Grace Wheeler, Youth For Christ National Evangelist
I laughed and cried and got hooked reading this important book. Rachel is encouraging, biblical, practical and has an infectious passion for us all to live an honest, free and full life. This is a great place to start. Digest this book, take some things off, put some things on, and bring it on.
Abby Guinness, author, speaker, and Head of Spring Harvest Programme
This is exactly the kind of book that I wish had been written 20 years ago when I was in my late teens and early twenties and navigating the trials and tribulations of identity and self-worth. I found myself resonating deeply with Rachel's words, as she eloquently and powerfully exhorts her female readers to embrace their God-given identity and purpose. What's more, Rachel's brilliant words are backed up by years of experience working with young people and this comes across loudly and clearly in her writing. She is a unique and leading voice on this topic and I intend to whole-heartedly recommend this book to many of the young women in our church and beyond.
Rachel Hughes
Reading Rachel's book is like chatting with your best friend - funny, familiar, and sometimes just what you need to hear! Practical and truth-full from cover to cover.
Charlotte Hendy