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Overcoming Gambling

Overcoming Gambling

Problem gambling is a significant issue in the UK where the number of gambling addicts is estimated to be around 250,000, according to the Gambling Commission’s British Gambling Prevalence Survey 2007. It affects a wide range of people from teenagers and students to housewives and retired people, with increasing numbers of people gambling online. Numbers can easily be doubled considering that for each compulsive gambler there is at least one concerned “significant other”. Numbers are rising annually, particularly in the UK, due to the softening of gambling advertising laws, an increase in casinos, and the popularity of internet gambling. In the USA, many industry insiders predict a return to internet gambling (stopped in 06 by banning deposits to internet casinos). The recession may also make some people more willing to take risks with their finances. This book analyses how and why people – from those with high incomes to the ordinary housewife or struggling student – gamble compulsively, and looks at how to stop.
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On Sale: 20th March 2014

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781847093424


"If you want to give up gambling, buying this book will be the best money that you ever spend. [It] helped me understand my gambling addiction, it helped my family come to terms with my gambling addiction and it put me on the road to recovery. Phil understands gambling, has lived it, knows what you are going through, and knows how to make a difference."
Paul Buck, Founder and CEO, Epic Risk Management
"Phil's book helped me understand in the early stages of my recovery that the cause of gambling harm isn't simply faults with individuals, but addictive gambling products and a culture of liberalisation. This gave me both the outlook and the confidence to campaign successfully against Fixed Odds Betting Terminals."
Matt Zarb-Cousin, Campaign for Fairer Gambling
"Phil's book is honest, emotional and makes sense of one of the most complex addictions. This moving, true story offers a genuine coping strategy to overcome an addiction which proves to be devastating, not only to the gambler, but to all of those closely connected."
Jason Ratcliffe, Professional cricketer 1988-2002, former PCA Board Member
"For someone who is struggling with a gambling addiction this is an excellent step by step guide to having self-control over their issues they are facing. For someone who has not experienced gambling addiction it demonstrates how powerful a draw gambling can be and comparisons with other addictions (ie quitting smoking) allows the reader to really appreciate the depth of the problem."
Carolyn Harris, MP