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Chronic Pain The Drug-Free Way

Chronic Pain The Drug-Free Way

Chronic pain affects nearly half the UK population – 43%, or a staggering 28 million people. Chronic pain is defined as any pain that continues for longer than three months. It has a variety of causes including arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, accidents or operations, although sometimes there is no apparent cause.

Self-management is an important approach to coping better and managing this long term condition. Written with humour, and making use of cartoons and line drawings, this book encapsulates 20 years of pain management courses given by Phil Sizer at Pain Association Scotland to patients, GPs, and other health professionals. Divided into three sections (Understanding, Managing, Coping) Its approach is based on a holistic, bio-psycho-social model of health including CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), positive psychology, relaxation, hypnotherapy, motivational interviewing and coaching.

Topics include:
introduction by Pain Association Scotland
understanding chronic pain – definitions, acute vs chronic
pacing – how to avoid over-doing
realistic goal-setting
stress management
relaxation and sleep
dealing with flare-ups
diet and foods to avoid
coping with unhelpful thinking (racing mind, anxiety and negative thoughts)
challenging limiting beliefs
relationships with others
accepting help
importance of humour – attitude and values
being a person not a condition
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Phil is an obvious expert in the field of pain management. He is able to explain complex biological/ physiological principles in easily understandable language and the information contained within each of the respective chapters is pure gold. Throughout the book there are funny, witty, sometimes mischievous additions that brought a wry smile to my face, as I am sure they will yours. I would highly recommend this book - gets 10/10 from me.
Nicky Butler, Lead Physiotherapist, Forth Valley
"Phil's years of experience working in the area and really engaginging in meaningful conversations shine through as he demonstrates a nuanced understanding of some of the most complex and tricky issues that come up in the presence of persistent pain."
Dr Chris Penlington, Clinical Psychologist, Newcastle University
People living with chronic pain face many challenges on a daily basis. This book will be the most important tool they will have in their possession. They should take it with them everywhere... I recommend this book to all I know who are living with chronic pain.
John Lindsay, former Hospital Chief Executive, Dublin
"[There is] a definite gap in the market for a book like this. It hits the nail on the head and makes sense of all the emotions that affect pain intensity."
Norma Turvill, lead ESP Forth Valley Back Pain Service
A fantastic resource for people with pain, those close to them and also for professionals.
Dr Steve Gilbert, Staff Specialist in Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Former Lead Clinician for Chronic Pain in Scotland
The lived experience of those with chronic pain who have been helped by Phil shines through, and will inspire hope in others that they too can reclaim what matters to them. I strongly recommend this book both to patients affected by chronic pain and clinicians who look after them.
Dr Fraser Birrell, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University
I found it to be engaging, easy to read and easy to understand. And pain is a complex issue which requires a lot of understanding... a must-have for healthcare providers everywhere.
Dr Rob Lawson, Chairman British Society of Lifestyle Medicine
A lovely book, with a gentle and encouraging style. A welcome addition in the desert of kindly, supportive self-management books for chronic pain.
Dr Frances Cole, author of "Overcoming Chronic Pain"
This book is simple to read, will help patients to live well with their pain, reconnect with their own values, and change the direction their pain seems to be driving them in.
Dr Christopher Coe, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Management