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God Is Stranger

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781473648913

Price: £10.99

ON SALE: 22nd March 2018

Genre: Humanities / Religion & Beliefs / Christianity / Christian Theology

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What happens when God turns up?

‘Has God become as familiar and forgettable as a fridge magnet? That’s the danger Krish Kandiah faces up to in this wonderfully readable and very challenging book. Bible stories come to life as Krish tells them afresh, richly illustrated with personal experience and social relevance, and in each case the living God turns up – strange, dangerous, and, like Aslan, not safe but good.’ CHRIS WRIGHT, LANGHAM PARTNERSHIP

In an age of social and political uncertainty, Krish Kandiah turns to less familiar and more uncomfortable parts of the Bible to discover the true character of God – but be warned: he may be stranger than you think.
Building on the challenges he explored in PARADOXOLOGY, Krish strips us of our comfortable assumptions and invites us to look afresh at God’s character. When Abraham welcomes three men for dinner, he ends up pleading for the life of a city. When Jacob meets God by the river, they end up in a fight. And when two forlorn disciples meet a stranger on the road, their lives are turned upside down.
GOD IS STRANGER challenges us to lay down our expectations of God and delight in the power that is proven by his very strangeness.

‘Be warned: this book could seriously affect your view of yourself, of the world and of God – I highly recommend it to you!’ PAULA GOODER, BIBLE SOCIETY

‘An important and timely book from someone who lives out its message.’ PETE GREIG, 24-7 PRAYER INTERNATIONAL

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If God isn't constantly surprising us then something is amiss. He's always more faithful than we realise, more challenging than we understand, more mysterious than we'd like and closer than we think. Krish draws us into the Scripture and points us to the God who walks beside us and yet is infinitely beyond us. I highly recommend the adventure!
Andy Croft, Soul Survivor
Krish Kandiah's work with refugees and vulnerable children is inspirational. He and his wife Miriam model their teaching on Christian hospitality by welcoming adopted and foster children into their home. We have much to learn from their example.
Nicky and Pippa Gumbel
We think we know God but Kandiah wants us to come to see God as a stranger, someone we haven't got taped, and find our lives turned upside down as a result.
The Church of England Newspaper
In his new book God is Stranger, Krish Kandiah turns the tables on what we think we know about God.
Inspire Magazine
Kandiah challenges us to recognise that having met the God who is a stranger we should look out for God in the stranger... This is a book which made me think, which helped me see things a little differently, to link the things that I know in my head with the things that I feel in my heart.
Methodist Recorder
[Krish Kandiah] shows us that God often shows up when and where we least expect him to, and brings us a powerful challenge.
Together Magazine
The author's own commitment to Scripture and his personal engagement with the issues require us to listen with care... You must read this book and hear what God is saying to the churches in our day.
Evangelicals Now
Drawing on personal experience, Kandiah asks searching questions about the appearance of God in lives.
Life & Work
This book makes challenging reading for anyone concerned to live out the radical demands of the gospel.
Idea Magazine