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When the winds of change blow, some build a wall and others build a windmill

In a business environment where change is the only constant, the stark reality is that it has never been harder to see what’s happening around us, interpret information efficiently or develop successful strategies. This is down to both the increasing speed of change and the prevalent mindset about change, where change is seen as the enemy.

Powered by Change presents a radical new methodology for using change as a fuelling mechanism to generate outstanding business success: the Windmill Theory.

Power your business

The Windmill Theory enables leaders and organisations to think and act in a way that capitalises on a constantly changing environment. Constructed of four blades working in perpetual harmony with one another, it creates an empowered business that turns the winds of change into business success.

Filled with examples and stories from around the world, from global corporates to start-up ventures, Powered by Change delivers some astonishing insights and clear, actionable steps to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage.

Use this book to fuel your business for the future.


In the modern world change is the only constant, but few companies and leaders have any clue how to deal with this reality. This book gives them more than a clue. It gives them an entire route map.
Mike Butcher MBE, Editor at Large, TechCrunch
Jonathan brilliantly captures the essence of change and our changing business landscape; leaving us all talking about building windmills!
Linda Johnson, Chairman Guernsey Branch, Institute of Directors
Powered by Change is that rare thing. A business book that does something other than take one idea and rework it ad infinitum. Not only is the book stacked with compelling and original insight, there is practical advice on how to put the insight into practice in both a professional and personal context. It's a wonderful book that should stay close to the side of anyone who wants to be a rare thing themselves; someone embracing the furious pace of change in the world and putting it to work for advantage.
Geoff Morley, Global Sales & Marketing Director, Nexo
Jonathan MacDonald is brilliant. I highly recommend his strategies to any organization that wants to achieve 'long-term' success in today's fast changing business world. I'm a firm believer in making learning fun, and am impressed with how masterfully Jonathan weaves humorous stories together with practical examples to generate thought provoking ideas and unique insights.
Chester Santos, US Memory Champion, author of 'Instant Memory Training for Success'
I have worked with Jonathan on a number of projects over the last few years. These have ranged from working with small teams to challenge their mindset of change through to global regional leaders taking on the headwinds of business change. Every time his tailored, thought provoking and dynamic approach never fails to create a positive impact. He certainly knows his stuff and always inspires me to build windmills...
Sally Hayes, Engagement & Live Event Specialist