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Overcoming Chronic Disorganization

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399813365

Price: £14.99

ON SALE: 20th June 2024

Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

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Are you always late, do you miss appointments, lose your keys, forget your phone, miss deadlines at work on projects, have to pay penalties on late returns for paying tax?

We can all be impacted by chronic disorganization – whether it be because of long term stress, menopause, diagnoses of ADHD and/or autism (to name just a few of the very many reasons). It has nothing to do with being stupid or lazy. Some brains are wired differently, and understanding this is the way forward to allow us to delegate, find strategies and systems in place to manage our day to day lives – whether in our personal or professional lives.

Overcoming Chronic Disorganization will help you recognize your behaviours and put systems in place to help day-to-day tasks seem less overwhelming and challenging. It looks at the triggers and symptoms of CD, at the role of ADHD and/or autism, and at their impact on executive function. From this background of better understanding, you will discover strategies for organizing and decluttering, advice on dealing with things like procrastination, and how to develop healthy habits and keep them going.

Whether for you or for a loved one, this book is full of actionable points and wise, compassionate support and is the first step on your journey to a calmer and more organized life.


A must have for everyone working with or challenged by disorganization.
James Wallman, bestselling author, keynote speaker, cultural commentator
If you have issues with chronic disorganization or hoarding this book will help you understand why; and it offers clear, practical solutions to do something about it.
Emma Corcoran, client
Jo Cooke takes a transdiagnostic approach to the problem of Chronic Disorganization, which can be present with a number of mental health conditions and beyond. This book will be valuable for anyone with neurodiversity and hoarding disorder. Jo Cooke's two editions on hoarding problems have proved to be a valuable contribution to the resources for both people with the problem and those who work professionally with them. This book is certain to do the same for people with Chronic Disorganization.
Dr Stuart Whomsley, co-author, ‘A Psychological Perspective on Hoarding’
Jo offers us here a comprehensive and accessible view of the range of complexities that lead to full and overwhelming home environments, and super strategies to help find an area we can control. But she does this with great humanity and empathy, and with hope, and that makes this a terrific and essential read for anyone facing challenges with their routines and belongings.
Jasmine Sleigh, author of 'Being Owned: A Decade in Professional Decluttering', and owner of Change Your Space
Jo explains what Chronic Disorganization is in an easy to read, compassionate and empathetic way. Sharing her own experiences and that of others, Jo breaks down the different ways CD presents itself. Her use of stories of clients and her own experiences as well as quoting other references provides variety and an ability for the reader to connect with the topic. For anyone who wants to understand more about CD, start here!
Siân Pelleschi, President, APDO and Founder, Sorted!