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Our one-leader-at-a-time past has given way to a present reality where everyone has the potential to lead in every aspect of life. We all have at our fingertips the tools of change that were once available to just a few – and The shift from one-leader-at-a-time to everyone-leading-in-every-moment has created a changemaker effect on society. Change is no longer linear and faster, it’s explosive and omnidirectional.

THE CHANGEMAKER PLAYBOOK will show you how to thrive in every aspect of today’s transformed societal landscape.

A tutorial on the principles of empathy-based ethics and co-creative teamwork, THE CHANGEMAKER PLAYBOOK is as much a leadership handbook as it is a guide to personal achievement. Based on the author’s discoveries about leading in change from front-edge thinkers – business and social entrepreneurs, educators, media thought leaders and youth changemakers – who distinguish themselves by putting their bold ideas and entrepreneurial capacities to work for the good of all, readers can apply the principles in this bookto every aspect of their lives.

This book is less about getting ahead and more about getting along – because in the world we have entered, this is the central principle underlying the new success formula.