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The Year Without Summer

The Year Without Summer

‘SUPERB…BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN…UNFORGETTABLE’ FT Weekend‘ ‘VIVID, VIBRANT, HARD TO PUT DOWN’ Hilary Spurling, author of Matisse the Master ‘INGENIOUS AND ABSORBING’ Kirsty Wark, author of The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle ‘ASTONISHING, RIVETING, MASTERFUL, POETIC’ Emily Rapp, author of The Still Point of the Turning World ‘A WORLDWIDE CANVAS BROUGHT TO LIFE IN VIVID, HEARTBREAKING DETAIL’ Marianne Kavanagh, author of For Once In My Life

1815, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

Mount Tambora explodes in a cataclysmic eruption, killing thousands. Sent to investigate, ship surgeon Henry Hogg can barely believe his eyes. Once a paradise, the island is now solid ash, the surrounding sea turned to stone. But worse is yet to come: as the ash cloud rises and covers the sun, the seasons will fail.

In Switzerland, Mary Shelley finds dark inspiration. Confined inside by the unseasonable weather, thousands of famine refugees stream past her door. In Vermont, preacher Charles Whitlock begs his followers to keep faith as drought dries their wells and their livestock starve.

In Suffolk, the ambitious and lovesick painter John Constable struggles to reconcile the idyllic England he paints with the misery that surrounds him. In the Fens, farm labourer Sarah Hobbs has had enough of going hungry while the farmers flaunt their wealth. And Hope Peter, returned from the Napoleonic wars, finds his family home demolished and a fence gone up in its place. He flees to London, where he falls in with a group of revolutionaries who speak of a better life, whatever the cost. As desperation sets in, Britain becomes beset by riots – rebellion is in the air.

The Year Without Summer is the story of the books written, the art made; of the journeys taken, of the love longed for and the lives lost during that fateful year. Six separate lives, connected only by an event many thousands of miles away. Few had heard of Tambora – but none could escape its effects.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Historical Fiction

On Sale: 6th February 2020

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9781473672314


The Year Without Summer is an astonishing, riveting accomplishment. With a masterful grace and poetic beauty, Guinevere Glasfurd crafts a story that, although steeped in a particular historical moment, resonates profoundly for the times we live in now. A truly remarkable book about a remarkable year in history.
Vivid, vibrant, hard to put down. Who'd have thought a book about calamitous climate change could also be such a joy to read?
Hilary Spurling
In 1815, a volcanic eruption in Indonesia brings ash and ice, ushering in strange storms and political turmoil. The old ways disappear and there is a hunger for justice and equality. The Year Without Summer is a worldwide canvas peopled by passionate individuals who long for a better future, each one brought to life in vivid, heartbreaking detail.
Marianne Kavanagh, author of FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE
Guinevere Glasfurd's ingenious and absorbing storytelling brought both the very human and epic impact of the world's worst volcanic catastrophe to life in an indelible way that brings the past right into the present