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Rich Forever

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Discover what they should have taught you about money, finance and investment at school

Remember when talking about money was taboo? Times have changed and in our times, with so many radical and disruptive changes to the economy, the role of the entrepreneur now embedded at the centre of so much societal and technological change, and digital currencies changing the way we think about exchange, money has become a vital, insistent of conversation for everyone. All of us acknowledge it matters desperately; yet so few of us really understand it.

The press and social media are awash with rags to riches stories, stories of kitchen table businesses that become multi-million-pound enterprises. Stories of teenagers and young adults investing in digital currencies from their bedrooms. On the flip side of these aspirational stories there is the reality of the everyday person who simply wants to understand what to and what not to do with their money. Should they save or invest, if they invest – what in, if they save – what for? Should they buy a home or rent, should they live for the moment or live for retirement. How does having credit provide more credit and would insurance be the best bet if all falls around you and what the hell is APR anyway?

Finance and money are topics we all wish we learnt at school but instead we find ourselves having to ‘learn on the job’, having to do deep investigations and ‘trust’ the advice from online experts. There must be a better way and a better place to go to for this insight and here we have it, courtesy of two authors who have known hardship and huge success – “What they should have taught you about money, finance and investment at school’ to fill that void.

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