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The Culture Solution

The Culture Solution

The Culture Solution offers a practical system that applies straightforward principles to real-life situations in international business, travel, project and team management, conflict resolution, mediation and more. Through a powerful, practical framework (The ARC System) readers will be able to discern the cultural orientation of the people they’re interacting with, no matter where they are from, and understand behavior and expectations in any environment.
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Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

On Sale: 23rd March 2017

Price: £19.99

ISBN-13: 9781857886580


This book has it all: a deep command of the key intercultural concepts, scores of spot-on, real world examples and pages of immensely practical and instantly applicable advice
Craig Storti, intercultural trainer and consultant, author of The Art of Doing Business across Cultures
The topics discussed in this book are a must-read for anybody who needs to accomplish an international mission. This book takes you quickly from understanding to strategy
Karl Wimmer, PhD, Director, Design Enablement, GlobalFoundries
In addition to the utility of the approach, this is a fun read, enlightening and even self-illuminating
Raymond J. Brimble, CEO Lynxs Group
I highly recommend this book to anyone considering an assignment overseas
Terry B. Kahler, Vice President, Dell, Inc.
I will use The Culture Solution as a key resource in my own work with students, managers and executives
Andy Molinsky, PhD, author of Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Without Losing Yourself in the Process
I thoroughly recommend The Culture Solution as a resource for anyone who wishes to execute tactful, culturally-appropriate communication that fosters strong business connections
Sharon Schweitzer, JD, author of Access to Asia
As a practitioner, I appreciate the fact that The Culture Solution is based on analysis of people's actual behavior and not on aggregated country profiles. The result is specific and tailored coaching - much more useful to clients than generalizations associated with national norms
Betsy Neidel, Managing Director, Blue Heron Holdings, LLC