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The Five Talents That Really Matter

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Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

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A former Gallup Global Leadership Research and Development leader and the New York Times bestselling coauthor of Strengths-Based Leadership demystifies the aura and complexity surrounding high performing leaders through original research and interviews with high-performing global leaders.

The leadership space is rife with myths, such as the belief that anyone can be a leader with enough effort or that a leader’s strengths can be their greatest weaknesses. According to Barry Conchie and his business partner Sarah Dalton, these statements are unfounded. THE FIVE TALENTS THAT REALLY MATTER explains how high-performing leaders are talented in five essential ways.

This book strips away the fluff in leadership and unveils and describes the traits and characteristics that actually determine high-performance leadership. These talents provide a template against which career-driven managers and leaders can assess and develop their own capabilities. The five evidence-based talent dimensions are:

– Direction: High-performing leaders describe a compelling, intrinsically good destination and help others understand that getting there will be worth the effort.
– Drive: This dimension hardly needs a description. We all know it when we see it: strong work ethic, tenacity, goal-orientation… being a self-starter.
– Influence: The ability to motivate, persuade, challenge, and change the minds of others.
– Relationships: People matter to outstanding leaders. They can build commitment and trust among the people they work with.
– Execution: Excellent leaders are obsessed with getting work done and how work gets done.

Through meticulous research, assessment, and testing, Conchie and Dalton have built a database that predicts the talents and behaviours of the most successful leaders. In this book they present for the first the first time a scientific model that demystifies the aura and complexity surrounding high performing leaders.


The Five Talents is one of the sharpest and most practical books on leadership I have read! If you lead others, you need to read this book. If you hire or develop leaders, read this book and use it as a daily guide. It is a roadmap for developing sustainable and high performing teams.
Tom Rath, New York Times Best-selling Author of Strenthsfinder 2.0
Conchie significantly advances the science of leadership prediction and performance development.
Connie Rath, President of The Clifton Foundation
If you allow yourself to absorb the lessons in this book, there is no hiding from the truth and what is the right thing to do.
George Borst, former President and CEO of Toyota Financial Services
The Five Talents is a practical unlock around the dominant strengths that define truly standout leadership and takes this framework to how you can recruit for the five key talents using the same rigor you would use to make other critical decisions. It's a highly efficient and well-researched work that will take your impact as a leader to a new level.
John Clendening, Founder and CEO of Earned Wealth
I highly recommend this book, which will challenge and broaden your thinking of leadership. It is blunt, fact-based and provides piercing insights that I will incorporate into my own leadership journey.
Kevin Lobo, Chair and CEO of Stryker
This is a wise book that will change how serious people think about leadership. Conchie and Dalton bring refreshing clarity to a complex and convoluted field by elucidating the tortuous relationship between individual traits and organizational context. Their secret--meticulous science.
Don Ronchi PhD, Senior Advisor at White Wolf Capital