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Think Differently About Learning

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399809269

Price: £16.95

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Hosts of the Homeschool Unrefined Podcast show you how let go of traditional measures of success, and instead measure learning by curiosity, joy, self-regulation, and critical thinking.
Children deserve more than the systems we’re currently using to educate them. Hardworking teachers, diligent administrators, and devoted parents are trying their best in an outdated system that isn’t meeting our children’s complex needs.
Instead, imagine a different way to learn.
With helpful, practical tips and anecdotes from homeschooling families, this guide covers all you need to know about learning differences, mental health, devices and technology, socialization, and more. It’s for traditional school families who are learning to balance outer expectations with their own needs with a different way of learning. It’s for homeschool families who are looking for a more inclusive, supportive, and authentic approach.
Angela and Maren pair their years of teaching in a variety of different schools with their years of homeschooling their combined seven children. As they know first-hand, any parent, child, or family can thrive as they unlearn old ways, lean into their own strengths, and celebrate unconventional wins.


As someone who's planning on moving to homeschooling in the next few months after a year of unrest from all three kiddos, this book was very comforting. It made a lot of my worries seem manageable, and my concerns and questions received answers I really wasn't getting from the community through conversations thus far. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to read this. Very well written and will be a resource for me to look back on for years to come!
5-star NetGalley Review
Think Differently About Learning is an empowering call to the revolution that so many families deeply need. While homeschooling isn't a magic want or a perfect fit for all kids or all care-givers, this book outlines all the ways it might just be your family's answer to a life of greater joy, less stress, deeper connection, and more authentic learning. I truly can't recommend it enough.
Rachel Jepson Wolf, homeschooling parent and author of The Unplugged Family Activity Book & Herbal Adventures
This was a great book. It was very educational and it brought up some great ideas. I would highly recommend this book if you are starting to homeschool.
5-Star NetGalley Review
As a newly homeschooling mom, I really enjoyed this book! I learned new things and was also reinspired and it confirmed my owns truths back to me. Highly recommend!
5-Star NetGalley Review
Fans of Angela and Maren from the popular podcast Homeschool Unrefined will enjoy this inside look at their thoughts about school and learning. They each share personal stories and thoughtful reflections on their experiences with both homeschooling and public schooling. Readers new to their work will feel supported in their desire to listen to and honor their children's natural capacity to learn, particularly if they decide to home educate their kids. Think Differently About Learning offers a sound argument for homeschooling and showcases its abundant value for the families who choose it.
Julie Bogart, Creator and Owner of Brave Writer. Author of The Brave Learner & Raising Critical Thinkers