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Our Next Reality

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781399812245

Price: £24.99

ON SALE: 6th June 2024

Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

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Over the last 100 years, technology has changed our world. Over the next decade it will transform our reality. The planet is headed for a momentous upheaval, and we are not prepared.

We are entering a new technological age in which artificial intelligence and immersive media will transform society at all levels, mediating our lives by altering what we see, hear, and experience. Powered by immersive eyewear and driven by interactive AI agents, this new age of computing has the potential to make our world a magical place where the boundaries between the real and the virtual, the human and the artificial, rapidly fade away. If managed well, this could unleash a new age of abundance. If managed poorly, this technological revolution could easily go astray, deeply compromising our privacy, autonomy, agency, and even our humanity.

In Our Next Reality, two industry veterans provide a data-driven debate on whether the new world we’re creating will be a technological utopia or an AI-powered dystopia and give guidance on how to aim for the best future we can. With a Foreword by renowned author Neal Stephenson and section contributions from industry thought-leaders such as Peter H. Diamandis, Tom Furness, Phillip Rosedale, Tony Parisi, Avi Bar Zeev and Walter Parkes, this book answers over a dozen of the most pressing questions we face as AI/VR/AR accelerates the digitization of our world. Find out why our actions in the next decade could determine the trajectory of our species for countless millennia.

What's Inside

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"Our Next Reality breaks new ground by exploring both good and bad possible outcomes of widespread deployment of an AI-powered Metaverse."
Neal Stephenson, Author and Chairman/Co-Founder, Lamina1
"AI + XR = ABUNDANCE. For decades we've been promised Ready Player One, and only got mediocre game play. Now, finally, AI has the potential to deliver a 'user-interface moment' that transforms virtual and augmented reality, making it essential across all human endeavors from education and health to entertainment and dating. This book brings clarity to this potential, as well as a balanced perspective of both the benefits and the risks that really matter. It left me hopeful for the potentially abundant world that is described and informed on how I can play a role at this critical moment. Two thumbs up to Our Next Reality!"
Peter H. Diamandis, MD, Founder/Chair, XPRIZE & Singularity. Author, Abundance, BOLD, Future is Faster Than You Think
"Today, hundreds of millions of people spend most of their waking hours in a world of digital content. Tomorrow, they'll be in an immersive metaverse. Graylin and Rosenberg draw on their deep expertise to explain how this will transform business, culture, education, economics, and the human condition itself. If you want to understand the future ahead of us, you need to read this book."
Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the Stanford Digital Economy Lab and co-author of The Second Machine Age
"In 'Our Next Reality', Graylin and Rosenberg brilliantly navigate the profound influence of artificial intelligence and immersive computing on our society in the coming decade. These two experts, each with over three decades of expertise, has crafted a nuanced debate on the technology's promises and pitfalls. It's a truly thought provoking read."
Dr. Tom Furness, Professor (Emeritus) University of Washington | 'Grandfather of VR'
"Our Next Reality provides a provocative, thoughtful, and optimistic yet realistic view of our future. It paints a picture of convergent paths with symbiotic AI where human agency can be retained."
Dava Newman, Director, MIT Media Lab, Former NASA Deputy Administrator