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Climate Capitalism

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Ten inspiring breakthroughs from inside the global race towards zero emissions.

It’s now cheaper to save the world than destroy it.

Our age will be defined by the climate emergency. But contrary to the doomist narrative that’s taken hold, the world has already begun deploying the solutions needed to deal with it.

On a journey across five continents, Climate Capitalism tracks the unlikely heroes driving the fight against climate change. From the Chinese bureaucrat who did more to make electric cars a reality than Elon Musk, to the Danish students who helped to build the world’s longest-operating wind turbine, or the American oil executive building the technology that can reverse climate damages, we meet the people working to scale technologies that are finally able to bend the emissions curve.

Through stories that bring people, policy and technology together, Akshat Rathi reveals how the green economy is not only possible, but profitable. This inspiring blend of business, science, and history provides the framework for ensuring that future generations can live in prosperity and that the wheels of progress don’t falter.

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Few books on either climate or capitalism manage to be as insightful as they are readable, but Rathi cracks it. He delivers his powerful and hopeful message with both substance and style, and reminds us of the immensely important role of great storytelling as we reimagine our economy
Paul Polman, co-author of NET-POSITIVE and former CEO of Unilever
[A] bold new book. Climate change is a crisis that requires urgent action, but Rathi shows how we can harness capitalism to tackle it. Give it to the doomsayer in your life
John Schwartz, journalism professor at UT Austin and veteran NYT reporter
Are you suffering from climate anxiety? Go take a few deep breaths and then pre-order this book. You'll learn about fascinating people who show that solutions for climate change are both possible and profitable
Will Mathis, reporter for Bloomberg News
There are very few people as well-situated as Akshat Rathi is to describe and assess our current efforts to cope with climate change . . . Here he puts it all together in a marvelous report . . . [Rathi] gives hope that we might make it work. An inspiring book!
Kim Stanley Robinson
It's easy to feel fear or despair in the face of humanity's greatest challenge, but fortunately work on solutions began decades ago . . . Rathi's brilliantly written account of some of those stories is an inspiration to keep going in a fight which we have no other option than to win
Bryony Worthington, member of the UK’s House of Lords
Addressing climate change will make us richer, happier, healthier, more equal and more safe. Do we take the bargain? That is the animating question of Rathi's illuminating and incisive book, which offers the dazzling and deeply reported argument that the answer should be, overwhelmingly, yes
David Wallace-Wells, author of THE UNINHABITABLE EARTH
Climate innovation has accelerated far faster than many realize and by shining a spotlight on the solutions and innovators driving progress, Climate Capitalism is an important read for anyone in need of optimism about our ability to build a clean energy future
Bill Gates
A highly readable reminder that efforts to cut emissions are achieving a lot more than is widely realised. Rathi brings this shift to life with engaging stories of people behind some of the most important advances in recent decades
Pilita Clark, Financial Times