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Han lives with his father and grandmother in a sleepy fishing village on the coast. He has never ventured far – the furthest he has been is in his rich cousin’s boat, out at sea searching for shoals of fish.

A strange man comes to their village, dredging up unanswered questions about Han’s mother. Han doesn’t trust Mr Ng but his cousin Chong Meng is impressed with the stories of his travels and tales of a golden tower. Together they steal the only thing Han has left to remember his mother by, before disappearing.

On a faraway island, across the great Peninsular and across the seas, the forest of Suriyang is cursed, so the locals say. Wander into the forest and you will return without your memories. Professor Toh has been researching the forest of Suriyang for years. He believes that the forest hides something that does not wish to be discovered. An ancient civilization. A golden tower taller than any structure ever built.

Chong Meng is tangled up in the Professor’s plans to discover the truth about Suriyang. Han travels the breadth of the Peninsular to find his cousin before it is too late. In doing so, Han discovers who he really is.